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Should you ever need a bank or other business loan for your smalll to mid-size company.....

Our loan request preparation services can help you cast, in the best possible light, the many details required of a winning business loan presentation. 

Our pre-preparation services begin with a review with you of: 

  • The loan's business use (working capital, capital assset acquisition, other purposes)
  • The loan's type (a new business loan, business line of credit, working capital loan, loan restucturing)
  • The appropriate amount to borrow
  • The business's debt capacity
  • The most appropriate loan terms (the length of the loan, with payouts matched to cash flows and other measures) (sources of repayment)
  • Collateral decisions and personal guarantees
  • If a business plan is necessary or appropriate
  • The articulation of sources and timing of repayment with coherent budgetary proformas

Next, our preparation services help you, directly or indirectly, prepare loan documentation that is precisely matched to your request.

Our post-preparation services can include any of the following:

  • Identifying the right bank, banker, or lender for your loan request
  • For local clients, personal introductions to bankers are possible
  • Presentation assistance
  • Follow-up remedies for denied requests

Ideal candidates have, among other tangible and intangible qualities:  

  • A good operating history
  • Verifiable financial statements, GAAP compliant (for larger companies, audited statements are ideal; for small to small mid-size businesses, compiled statements are often adequate)
  • Stabalized earnings
  • A disciplined balance sheet with conforming ratios
  • Strong management 

A summary of what we do:

  • Evaluate your borrowing capacity 
  • Help you consider the best types of loans for your needs, and their costs
  • Help you determine the best financing sources for your request 
  • Assist you with the preparation of proformas to test your assumptions
  • Help you assemble and prepare supporting documentation
  • Help you prepare the final loan request
  • Help you choose the banks or other lenders most right for your purpose
  • Assist you, if requested, in loan nogotiations 
  • Help you consider options and possible solutions if the loan is denied

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